Episode 1
Episode Rundown
Readers Acierocolotl, bumpgrrl, Bunnybread, John, Squiddy McEnnui
Editor Boots Raingear
Publish Date 30 September 2009
Run Time 31:08

The Ridiculists show us the dysfunction of the education in this system not only from the troubled kids, but the teachers that they trouble.

Description from the WebsiteEdit

For the pilot, our readers tackle notes from an alternative high school in the midwest. 

Notes in reflection: Like in so many things entertainment-related, this first episode clearly isn't the best. We were still trying to figure out our roles, and what we'd end up doing with the podcast at all, and it's weird to think about things like "how far we've come" on a silly radio show where we giggle at people on the internet. 

On the other hand, this episode contains the line "Couldn't stop talking about butt-licking." So that's something.

Memoriable QuotesEdit

"Adonis eats tampons." -John

"French fries and analingus." -Lemon


  • Intro clip is from the movie Tough Guys Don't Dance
  • Lemon's father-in-law was a principle at a school for troubled youths